Crown Lands: a blistering Rock Duo known for their highly energetic live show and incredibly full sound, owed to their exhaustive multi-tasking. Cody Bowles drums and sings, while Kevin Comeau plays guitar and plays keyboards with his feet.

“Crown Lands have returned with a record that feels like flipping through crates of used vinyl on a Sunday afternoon when you accidentally stumble upon something that is truly great. There is an element to Rise Over Run that already feels classic, making it among the best up and coming rock records.” – Gerrod Harris, Canadian Beats

“Crown Lands (are an) up and coming Canadian two piece… If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will.” – Alan Cross

“Oshawa, ON’s Crown Lands are making music that sounds much bigger than just a two-man operation. Kevin Comeau and Cody Bowles aim to bring classic psych-rock into the modern musical landscape, serving up an intoxicating blend of crunchy blues-rock riffs and howling vocals.
Blistering guitars, pummelling drums and dramatic manmade growls…
Let Crown Lands’ updated take on the rock’n’roll of yore wash over you.” – Sarah Murphy, Exclaim!

“Crown Lands are a rock duo from Oshawa. They separate themselves with their individual styles. The drummer rips and sings at the same time while the guitar player also rocks a moog bass pedal synth with his foot so he keeps it groovy while shredding. Keep your ears open for more from Crown Lands.” – Kris Gies, The Deli Magazine