Donnie Baker is a fictional character created and portrayed by comedian Ron Sexton. Known for his brash, outspoken, and hilariously off-the-wall commentary, Donnie Baker has become a beloved figure in the world of comedy. The character is a regular on the nationally syndicated radio program “The Bob & Tom Show,” where he’s known for his catchphrase, “I swear to God it’s true,” typically followed by his outlandish and comedic rants.

Sexton, as Donnie Baker, often talks about his work, personal life, and various adventures, including his interactions with his boss Randy, ex-girlfriend Patty Ferguson, and his “son” Whitaker. His commentary covers a broad range of topics, all handled with his signature style of humor. A running gag on the show is his attempt to sell his boat, which seems to be perennially “for sale.”

In addition to his appearances on “The Bob & Tom Show,” Sexton has also taken Donnie Baker on the road for stand-up performances and has a YouTube channel where he shares comedic video rants. This larger-than-life character, with his mullet, sunglasses, and baseball cap, has become an iconic figure in the comedy world.