The Josh Abbott Band is an American country music ensemble founded in Lubbock, Texas, in 2006. Led by Texas Tech fraternity brothers Josh Abbott (vocals, guitar) and Austin Davis (banjo), the band has achieved significant success within the Texas country music scene and beyond.

The band’s music blends contemporary country with traditional elements, creating a unique sound that reflects their Texan roots. Their lyricism, often filled with personal stories and emotive themes, has struck a chord with many fans, making them a favorite among country music enthusiasts.

Their debut album, “Scapegoat,” released in 2008, immediately made waves in the Texas music scene. However, it was their sophomore album “She’s Like Texas” (2010) that brought them national recognition, reaching number 28 on the Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart.

Over the years, the Josh Abbott Band has continued to release music that resonates with their audience, with albums like “Small Town Family Dream” (2012) and “Front Row Seat” (2015) further establishing their status in the country music genre.

Known for their high-energy performances and relatable lyrics, the Josh Abbott Band embodies a new generation of country musicians who honor their roots while forging their own path. With their consistent output of heartfelt and authentic music, they continue to be a significant presence in the country music scene.