LYLVC bloomed in the midst of an emotionally turbulent 2020, Alyse was undergoing a huge personal life challenge, the pandemic was on lockdown, and LYLVC emerged from the fusing of those two moments fueled by a sense of purpose and began the climb with the passion of people on a mission.

Alyse, Cam, Oscar, Ryan, Seth, and Kenny moved forward with the feeling that this particular lineup was synchronistic and meant to be. With the lineup set, they locked into inimitable chemistry together over the course of countless hours in the lab. Inspired by bands including Linkin Park and Bring Me The Horizon, the dual vocals between Alyse and Oscar mirrored the musical ebb and flow as their voices “told the same story from two different perspectives.

A batch of demos caught the attention of multi platinum producer Mike Plotnikoff [Halestorm, Buckcherry, Papa Roach]. Mike summoned LYLVC to West Valley Studios in Los Angeles owned, overseen, and run by the legendary Howard Benson [Three Days Grace, Kelly Clarkson, Seether]. Mike Plotnikoff and Joe Ricard recorded, produced, and mixed the EP during October 2021.